NRGene technology efficiently analyzes abnormalities in multiple human genomes

Ness Ziona, Israel – 17 October 2017 – NRGene, the worldwide leader in genomic assembly and analysis, has demonstrated its ability to discover, analyze, and track abnormalities within the human genome, across multiple subjects.

As part of a proof of concept, NRGene’s GenoMAGICTM provided a complete analysis of a family’s genomic profile based on low (8X) coverage whole genome sequencing information. The system detected the heritable haplotypes and the causal rare mutation underlying the family’s colon cancer. This finding demonstrates GenoMAGICTM’s ability to perform accurate whole genome analysis from low coverage data and quickly detect familial disease genes.

As part of a collaborative project with Dr. Hanlee P. Ji, Associate Professor of Medicine (Oncology) at Stanford University, NRGene’s analytic technology was found to accurately identify pathogenic mutations from a family with a hereditary cancer syndrome.

With GenoMAGIC TM, NRGene delivers a complete solution for population genomics and large-scale, next-generation human genomics research. It analyzes complex genomic data and translates it into accessible, straightforward information. The cloud-based platform is fully scalable as data from multiple sources can be quickly and easily integrated. A dedicated GUI delivers complete visualization of data queries.

GenoMAGICTM is at the forefront of bioinformatics research and analysis, allowing the creation and constant updating of a population-scale haplotypes database. The system delivers Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and biomarker discovery – as with the colon cancer mutation demonstration.

“NRGene technology has been proven to find the genomic diversity among crops like wheat, whose genome is five times the size of the human genome,” said NRGene CEO Gil Ronen. “Finding the colon cancer causal mutation so efficiently demonstrates how our technology can support high throughput discovery of other abnormalities in the human genome, accelerating genetic-based disease research and delivering information toward finding cures.”

Dr. Ji will be presenting his results of the collaboration with NRGene on October 18 2017, at 11 a.m. ET at the American Society of Human Genetics Conference in Orlando.

About NRGene
NRGene is a genomic big data company developing cutting-edge software and algorithms to reveal the complexity and diversity of humans, plants, and animals for supporting the most advanced and sophisticated breeding programs. NRGene tools have already been employed by some of the leading seed companies worldwide as well as the most influential research teams in academia.

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