Our planet and its ability to sustain all life is at a crossroads. From the demands of a still-growing global
population, to increasingly limited land resources, to complex supply and support chains, the
speed from idea to solution has never mattered more. We need to find solutions that enrich our food supply,
adapt to changing climate systems and embolden each of us to make a more sustainable planet for all.

Unlocking a more sustainable future

We see the future, and it’s a good place: our food, supply chains and raw materials thriving in our changing
climate and the foreseeable future. At a time when sustainability has never been more urgent, NRGene is making
tomorrow happen… today!

Climate change

Increasing plant resilience and tolerance to growing climatic stresses and adapting to the ever-changing climate

Water resources

Improving water efficiency by developing drought resistant varieties

and wellness

Influencing people’s wellness by creating products with higher protein levels and healthier nutritional profiles

Food security

Ensuring food security for the world’s growing population by rapidly developing accessible, higher yielding and resilient crops


Impacting the environmental footprint by reducing the use of arable land, water, pesticides and more

Natural resources

Maximizing value from the limited resources available, while improving diversity and resource efficiency


Social and Environmental Value Creation

Through fruitful collaborations, NRGene contributes to each step in the agricultural supply
chain, while enhancing sustainable food production and reducing environmental footprints.