Optimized predesigned solution for soybean genotyping.
Applicable for Northern & Southern USA and South American germplasm.


Outstanding Results

An optimized minimal SNP subset of high quality markers imputed to obtain maximized genotypic data.


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Which maturity groups are represented in the Soy SNPro™?

The Soy SNPro™ North 500 plex is suitable for maturity groups 00 through IV. The Soy SNPro™ South 500 plex is suitable for maturity groups IV through IX. Soy SNPro™ also has a combined panel of all maturity groups.

What is the cost of the Soy SNPro™ genotyping and imputation solution?

Genotyping costs depend on the number of samples submitted per year and the number of batches into which the samples are divided. NRGene's Soy SNPro™ offers a very attractive and competitive price for high-quality genotyping compared to the existing 6K plex solution.

Who should use Soy SNPro™?

Soy SNPro™ was optimized for soy germplasm commonly used in North American breeding programs, and should also be suitable for South American breeding programs in Brazil and Argentina.

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