Trait Discovery
Licensing & Commercialization

NRGene’s strategy is to identify market needs and overcome challenges through carefully-crafted collaborations to develop meaningful IPs that will impact the entire value chain.

We are constantly investing in the co-development and commercialization of new varieties with improved traits to help our partners better adapt to market challenges. NRGene is at the technological forefront to discover important traits, optimize breeding processes, and shorten the time to market of new varieties. Our advanced solutions and expertise enable us and our partners to stay ahead of the game.




Collaboration examples

“Kayagene is employing these advanced techniques using NRGene’s genomics tools and our vast experience with breeding, to develop improved elite hemp and cannabis varieties” 

Dr. Christopher Hohn, Kayagene’s Director of R&D.

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“This collaboration will enable us to accelerate the integration of the genomic region for our unique ToBRFV resistance source into commercial genetic background using markers-assisted breeding techniques” 

Dr. Ehud Kopeliovitch, Breeding Manager at Philoseed

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