The Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) is affecting all varieties of tomatoes and is spreading
worldwide. NRGene partnered with Philoseed to develop HR (high resistant) varieties

Our high resistance source has been tested successfully by several seed companies!
We currently offer early access to seeds containing the QTLs and selection markers (patent pending).



Outstanding Results

Figure 1. Symptoms of ToBRFV on fruits of sensitive tomato plants and symptoms on tomato leaves.

Symptoms of ToBRFV on fruits of sensitive tomato plants and symptoms on tomato leaves by resistance scale.

Disease severity index (DSI):
(0) no visible symptoms;
(1) light mosaic pattern on the apical leaf;
(2) severe mosaic pattern on the apical leaf;
(3) very severe mosaic pattern.

Figure 4. Manhattan plot of significant QTL region in Chromosome 7. LOD score = 9

Minor QTL on chromosome 7

  • QTL required but not sufficient to confer high resistance.
  • Specific markers were designed and validated
  • Genomic location not previously described ((2Mbp QTL – patent pending)LOD score of ~9, Figure 4).

Trait Characteristics


  • Phenotypes – no disease phenotypes on the fruit and leaves
  • Symptom free – for the whole season
  • IP protected


  • NON – GMO
  • Checked on different background
  • Suitable for all tomato segments

Package Includes

  • picon1


  • picon2

    Marker for Marker-Assisted Selection

  • picon3

    Optional: Marker-Asisted BackCross
    Service by NRGene

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Is the resistance trait covered by recent patent applications from a third party?

No, the ToBRFV resistance trait was co-developed with Philoseed and an independent IP protection claim has been filed.

What tomato genetic background was used for the trait introgression?

The background used for the introgression process is a cultivated line for the big fresh tomato sector, indeterminate type.

Is linkage drag associated with the resistance?

No linkage drag has been observed for any obvious phenotypes including male sterility or plant and fruit size

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