NRGene technology has been widely adopted in agriculture to solve key genomic big data challenges that were limiting product development.

Among NRGene established strategic collaborations are the largest multinational agricultural corporations, such as Monsanto and Syngenta, who expect to save R&D investments and significantly cut development time of their next elite varieties.

NRGene is now bringing their innovation to the Clinical Genomics sector.

NRGene’s unique software can analyze large human genomic datasets, significantly reducing time and costs of analytics while improving analysis accuracy. Such analytics are crucial towards the development of better diagnostics and genetically tailored medicines.

Large scale human genome sequencing is emerging as the technology of choice to improve medical care by enabling a widespread evaluation of patients’ genomes in both research and clinical settings.

Cutting-edge tools require years of expensive computer work to perform the analysis, making it impractical.
NRGene GenoMAGICTM cloud-based integrative system resolves genomic big data challenges in weeks rather than years. GenoMAGIC enables much more accurate captures of the genomic diversity among individuals and correlates them to differences in clinical records. In addition, optimal genomic analysis could be achieved with fewer data per individual, saving both time and money in producing access data. This accelerates the gain of more significant genetic discoveries on larger cohorts, toward the discovery of biomarkers associated with genetic disorders, clinical features and drug response.