Assembles first few wheat genomes plus dozens of maize, and other field crops, fish, forestry, fruits and vegetables.

Harel Locker, the former Director General of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, is the newest member of the Board of Directors of NRGene, the pioneering agrotech company that was the first ever to sequence Wild Emmer wheat genome. The company provides genomic analysis to improve plant and animal traits and employs proprietary algorithms that are designed by software developers who are graduates of Israeli research institutes and the elite 8200 army technology unit, alongside leading geneticists and breeders.
“Although Israel has morphed into a high-tech powerhouse, it was founded as an agrarian society,” said Harel Locker. “NRGene synthesizes the Zionist tradition of agriculture with big data genomic analysis.

The marketplace for genomic breeding solutions is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of worldwide population growth that demands quicker and more cost-efficient ways to grow food while consuming less water and agricultural resources. Thus, the market is expected to grow threefold over the next three years, reaching $3.6 billion.

The company launched its software at the end of 2014 and has since collaborated with the world’s largest breeding companies, research institutes, and academic institutions, across the Americas, Europe and China. NRGene has entered another round of financing targeted to continue growth and strengthen its marketing and sales capabilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

“Harel brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record, in business, government, and international relations,” said David Lieber, Chairperson of NRGene’s Board of Directors. “His joining NRGene will strengthen and add value to the company to maintain its position as a world leader in genomics.”